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Start your morning networking with your fellow disrupters. Catch up with old friends and discuss the year's activity in the digital insurance space.


Inside the Boardroom: Sit in with the Digital Leaders


Insurance Post creates its own insurance boardroom, enabling you to get involved with the discussions around digital implementation in incumbents. Question those leading this change to find out what you can learn from their experiences to move you closer to achieving agility.


  • Examine how large insurers are organising themselves around the InsurTech space. Determine how their agile culture can be successfully expanded throughout your business, and explore why this will benefit you.
  • What are the main barriers faced when it comes to implementation? How is this being approached outside of the sector, and what can you learn to overcome your own challenges?
  • Discuss where innovation efforts are being focussed, and consider how high this stands in the priorities list. Explore how other insurers are approaching the digital revolution, and consider how ignoring this could impact your business.
  • Compare the C-suite roles and explore the differing responsibilities in the drive for innovation. Examine alternative implementation models to see how you can make improve the innovative culture in your business.
  • With reinsurers working directly with start-ups, discuss this increased investment as a sign for an industry-wide reshuffle.
  • Do we have a gender problem in the sector? What can we do as an industry to tackle the lack of diversity? Identify the benefits of a diverse work culture, and the benefits associated with this.
  • Examine the likely impacts of Brexit on the work culture in UK offices, and consider the repercussions which could be facing your business.


Jonathan Swift, director of content, Insurance Post
Andrew Rear, chief executive - digital partners, Munich Re
Ben Luckett, managing director, Aviva Ventures
Charlie Blackburn, CTO, Azur Underwriting
Georgina O'Leary, director of innovation, AllState
Heather Smith, digital transformation director, LV
Hélène Stanway, digital leader, XL Catlin
John Keppel, UK COO, Zurich Insurance plc
Steven Mendel, founder and CEO, Bought By Many

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Case-study Feature

Hear from the start-up insurer rejuvenating the sector by marrying the latest tech to their insurance policies. As a recognised disrupter and with their extensive backing, find out what you should be doing to restore the trust in the industry, and why this is so important.

Michael Postle, CFO, Neos


Agility and Innovation Workshop

This session offers you the chance to hear from a leading technology delivery and business consultancy to work through the successful implementation of digital solutions for your business, in order to enhance your customers' experience and improve your internal system capabilities.

This hands-on session enables you to explore how you can successfully rejuvenate your business according to your goals and priorities, using the latest technologies.
Focusing on the idea of "togetherness" this workshop will demonstrate how to effectively collaborate within your business teams to achieve a smooth digital transformation throughout.

Working closely to your needs, don't miss the opportunity to learn exactly how to ensure you are the agile insurer of tomorrow with the successful implementation of digital initiatives.



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