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We are on the cusp of an industry wide revolution.

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It is time to prepare for the disruption on our doorstep and ensure you have the support network you need to thrive in the turbulent times ahead.

At the core of the Digital Insurance Collective you will find our Digital Activist Board. A group leading digital minds, hand selected for their passion and expertise in the digital space.


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Great event, inciting more digital thoughts and ideas.
Megan Blackham, marketing manager, TEn Insurance

What is the Digital Insurance Collective?

Post magazine created the Digital Insurance Collective to provide a place for any insurance professional with an interest in digital to learn, share and connect.

Over the past year we have built a solid community of members. The Collective is still growing, with over 300 top level insurance professionals already signed up! Members have exclusive access to attend our inspirational meet ups, taking place three times a year.

This year the meet ups have provided:

  • Cutting edge technological developments: Become industry leaders
  • Breaking news from within our industry: Keep your finger on the pulse of change
  • Stories from outside our industry: Be inspired
  • The latest digital trends: Stand out from the crowd
  • A space to share: Shape the status quo of the digital community
  • Change your way of thinking: Evolve the way you work

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"Fantastic event, Great people! Interesting discussions" Chris Price, TRAVELERS INSURANCE

Take courage in the collective, say YES to digital.

Key Dates

13 July 2017: Digital Insurance Collective summer bash - members register here
01 December 2017: Digital Insurance Collective meet up - members register here

Digital Insurance Collective

A word from our platinum sponsor, Neil Sadler, vice president head of insurance at CGI.


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