James York

James York, innovator-at-large, Worry+Peace

"Insurance is the glue that binds economies, digitisation demands we proactively unleash a new cross-industry covenant for all our customers"

First computer: Amiga 3000 (but used BBCs at school). I remember playing a New Zealand Story, but we didn't really grasp the importance of computers in my generation's education. Code? Huh? #curriculumfail

First mobile phone: Nokia 5110

First job: I worked in a garden centre as the dogsbody for £2 an hour. My duties involved carrying bags of manure, stocking plant supplies, picking weeds from shingle (with no gloves on) and mowing the lawns.

Digital hero: Stephen Wolfram

Best thing about your current job: Imagination, I don't have to ask permission to dream. The only barrier is resources.

Last time you wore a tie: I wear a tie about once a week. The tie is NOT the enemy, attitude is.

If the insurance industry was a piece of technology what would it be? An elevator.

Who is the best person to lead the insurance digital revolution? Presume we can't say ourselves? So, erm, it must be someone else? Really? Ok. Whatever. (James Dyson)

If you were not a digital activist what would you be doing? Sports & Sports Apparel business.


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