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Start with a welcome coffee and cake, meet new members and reconnect with old friends. Discover how your peers are planning to #WakeUpInsurance!


Since you've been gone

Updates on what's happened in the space since the last meeting. What are they key things we've learned in the last few months?


Power Pitch #1 - How to impress Prince Charming? What interaction does your customer want from you?

An insight into how customers are responding to the availability of insurance, and which forms of communication are achieving the desired results.

  • With front end innovation offering multitudes of platforms for the customer to interact with you, are we bordering on "creepiness"?
  • Do insurers really need to be developing apps and devices? Or is there still a space for traditional communications?
  • What is your customer really thinking, and where is line before insurers are deemed "creepy"?
Dylan Bourguignon, founder and CEO, so-sure


Power Pitch #2 - Bibbity Bobbity Boo. Learn about AI and Machine Learning, and uncover its true potential

Cognitive technology is imminent. With AI and machine learning being integrated into the insurance industry, how can you harness this innovation to develop a smarter system? Why is this important?

  • Machine learning boasts the ability to improve itself as it is fed more data, so how can this smart technology pave the way for a more personal policy?
  • Rather than a sweeping policy based on general data, insurers will be able to receive collated data, giving more precise risk and liability analysis. How can this improve the quality of your policies?
  • Will machine learning better protect the insurer as well as the customer?
Renaud Million, CEO, Spixii


Power Pitch #3 - If the Tech fits. An insight into an incumbent-InsurTech relationship

This session offers an insight into the functionality of partnerships, identifying key issues and how they were overcome. It looks to map the space so that both sides can see where their services and values are best aligned in order to form a fruitful collaboration.

  • Studies show an estimated 64% decrease in investment for start-ups, how can strong partnerships be formed?
  • With innovation occurring in the front and back ends of insurance, what are they key factors resulting in the most successful partnership?
    It will include a life-cycle feature in order to exemplify the transition from start up to "scale up," and how potential hurdles may can be overcome.
Crawfurd Hill, head of digital innovation, Co-op Insurance
Krisitian Feldborg, co-founder and CTO,


Grab a drink and join us for a ball on the rooftop bar


Power Discussions x3

The collective will split up and move around each of the three power discussion groups, offering a more intimate opportunity for Q&A with our experts. Take the time to explore deeper the themes addressed in the power pitches.

  1. What is the customer looking for from insurers?
    Is there still space for traditional communications?
    What is it that customers are best responding to, and can this be applied across all platforms?
    Are price comparison sites looking to permanently monopolise the market?
    How are customers being approached outside of the industry?
    Dylan Bourguignon, founder and CEO, so-sure
  2. Machine Learning and AI - What opportunity does it hold?
    What is machine learning and AI, and what does it mean for you?
    What other technologies exist (e.g. Blockchain), and how can they be used together?
    Will these technologies offer better cyber security?
    Where can machine learning be applied along the chain of delivery?
    What does GDPR mean for machine learning and AI?
    Renaud Million, CEO, Spixii
  3. Psychology 101
    What are insurers looking for? - An opportunity for Start-ups to see where they can fit in
    Where are start-ups looking to innovate?
    What are they key requirements of a successful partnership?
    What are the difficulties which have been faced but not necessarily overcome?
    Crawfurd Hill, head of digital innovation, Coop Insurance
    Krisitian Feldborg, co-founder and CTO,


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