Digital Insurance Collective meet up | 11 March 2016 | 8 Fenchurch Place, London         

The first collective meet up was a sell out and a resounding success! Register NOW to secure your place at the 27 May and 2 September meet ups, as they are already filling up fast!


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Meet the collective 

We welcome any insurance professionals and digital innovators who want to #wakeupinsurance! So arrive early and get to know your comrades over bite to eat. 



Welcome to Post's Digital Insurance Collective

jonathan-swift-photo-web    Facilitator: Swifty, head of content, Post



Keynote: Digital in the boardroom

  • The challenges of driving a digital revolution in an industry with a legacy spanning centuries
  • The importance of digital cultural shift and leading change from the top down
  • A future vision of the insurance industry with digital at its core

andrew-brem-headshot    Andrew Brem, chief digital officer, Aviva



Interactive Q&A



Caffeine hit



Interactive workshop: Design thinking

A hands on workshop introducing the key principles of design thinking, an approach that will help you to identify and solve problems in innovative ways.


  • Part one: Identifying the problem and understanding customer needs
  • Part two: Defining the challenge statement
  • Part three: Rapid idea generation
  • Part four: Refining the idea and elevator pitch


Key take away: Come with a clear and open mind set and get your first taste of how design thinking can kick start your digital transformation.

james-downes1    James Downes, strategy director, Pancentric

kate-greenstock1    Kate Greenstock, design director, Pancentric



Round up and count down

The top 10 actions points that you can take away from the first Digital Insurance Collective meet up.

jonathan-swift-photo-web    Facilitator: Swifty, head of content, Post



Head back to the office and embrace the digital revolution head on!

Places are limited

Do you have what it takes to add to the debate? E-mail Hannah Leonard to find out more about speaking opportunities and raise your professional profile.





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