Digital Insurance Collective meet up | 2 September 2016

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Welcome to our growing digital community

Have breakfast with old friend and meet the new faces of our ever growing group. Discover how your peers are planning to #wakeupinsurance!



Insurance beard of the year

There is no underestimating the importance of facial hair when it comes to technology. The more we see our industry diversify from its traditional roots and grow into a business of the future, the more beards we are starting to see. Today, in honour of world beard day (3 September 2016) we celebrate the best beards our industry has to offer. It was a close shave, but our very own bearded insurance guru has trimmed the entries down and the winner really is a cut above the rest.

Enter your beard now #InsuranceBeard

Lead beard: Swifty, head of content, Post



Power Pitch #1

Investible Start-Ups | What investors look for in new teams.

Global investment in InsurTech grew by 237% to $2.6bn (£1.78bn) in 2015, and a third of it gets pumped into start-ups. (source. Accenture)

Delving into the nail biting world of early phase startups. How can you transform your idea into an investable business? Stephen will take us through key insights from the Hambro Perks incubator. Discover the differences between the good and great, and tips on succeeding when you finally get your 5 minutes of fame in the dragons den.

Stephen Brittain, creative director, Hambro Perks



Power Pitch #2

Digital ‘incubator' | Bringing your digital dreams to life within a large organisation.

Look around the insurance sector and you can see many large companies pouring money and resources into digitally focus projects. Whether it's a digital incubator, garage or hackathon, the incumbents are looking to inject digital innovation in their products. But for all the talk who has brought a proposition to market?

This case study will guide you through the key steps, from inception to launch, of Ageas's brand new standalone digital proposition - Back Me Up.

Amy French, proposition consultant, Back Me Up

Nicki Lenton, head of underwritng, Back Me Up





Power Pitch #3

Blockchain 101 | Applications in the Insurance Market 

An introduction to Distributed Ledger technology - aka 'Blockchain' - providing valuable, high-level insight into the practical applications of this emerging technology for risk-transfer industry verticals.

Ben Kahn, partner, LimeStreet Digital

Gary Nuttall, partner, LimeStreet Digital




Power Pitch #4

Case study | On-demand insurance for the on-demand economy

Tim Attia, CEO at InsurTech startup Slice, will walk us through his journey. Highlighting how technology has transformed commerce and the market place, leading to the birth of the sharing economy. Slice is a new kind of insurance tailored to the needs of individuals needing on-demand, pay-per-use insurance. It is re-imagining insurance through design, technology and data.

Tim Attia, CEO, Slice



Caffeine hit



Power tables x4 

The Collective will split into smaller groups and move around each of the 4 power tables to have a more initmate discussion with our experts.

#1 Investible Start-Ups | The future of InsurTech

  • A vision of modernising the industry and increased relevance to the customer.
  • What are some of the emerging opportunities in the world of InsurTech?
  • InsurTech investment is often a collaborative venture, how can you make the most of a winning partnership?
  • How is investment in start-ups affecting incumbents? 

Stephen Brittain, creative director, Hambro Perks

#2 ‘Digital incubator' - Bringing your digital dreams to life within a large organisation.

  • What are the benefits of creating a ‘digital incubator' within a larger company?
  • Can you work like a start-up when you're not one?
  • What are the key steps to make your ideas reality?
  • How can you cultivating board buy in at critical times?

Amy French, proposition consultant, Back Me Up

Nicki Lenton, head of underwriting, Back Me Up

#3 Blockchain 101: applications in the Insurance Market

  • Quiz our experts and get up close and personal with Blockchain technology in our hands on live demo. 
  • What can we learn for the early adopters of this technology?
  • How will Blockchain support significant digital transformation?
  • What impact will Blockchain have on regulation?

Ben Kahn, partner, LimeStreet Digital

Gary Nuttall, partner, LimeStreet Digital

#4 On-demand insurance for the on-demand economy

  • What are the main challenges of working in the sharing economy? 
  • How trends in this space will impact the insurance industry as a whole?
  • How is Slice using data imaginatively? 
  • What is the importance of design to tomorrows customer?

Tim Attia, CEO, Slice








Chill out and reflect - Light bites and drinks provided



Head back to the office and embrace the digital revolution head on!


Last time...
Great morning @Insurance_Post Digital Insurance Collective - let's rise up and embrace the digital revolution head on #wakeupinsurance
Gordon Rutherford, @R11Gordon


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